‘I just state facts’: Farooq Abdullah clarifies his repeated PoK remarks

Jammu: Clarifying his recent remark on the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir”>Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), National Conference (NC) chief Farooq Abdullah on Monday said he didn’t make controversies, and just stated facts which people didn’t like.

Abdullah sparked another controversy, earlier in the day, after daring the Indian government to raise the flag in Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar.

Speaking to the media here, the National Conference leader said, “I do not make controversial statements. I state the facts which people don’t like. People do not want to hear the truth.”

He further said, “Ask the Government of India, which everyday announces that peace has returned to Kashmir because they demonetised the currency. Where is that peace? If there was peace then so many people wouldn’t have died. If we are at peace, it’s just because of the soldiers, who are fighting at the borders. You all have got the phobia of Pakistan; get rid of it.”

Abdullah had said, “They are talking of raising flag at PoK. I ask them, first you go and raise the Tricolour at Lal Chawk in Srinagar. They can’t even do that here and they are talking about PoK.”

Abdullah, earlier this month also, had come under fire for his ‘PoK belongs to Pakistan’ comment. He had said the PoK belonged to Pakistan and the fact would not change no matter how many wars are fought over the issue.

Meanwhile, Abdullah said that Centre’s special representative of Jammu and Kashmir Dineshwar Sharma was welcome to the state and further wished him good luck.

“He can talk to anyone he wants to. Good luck to him,” he concluded. (ANI)