Julianne Hough plans pre-vacation fashion show

Los Angeles: Actress Julianne Hough prepares for her holiday outfits with an at-home “fashion show”.

“Ooh, we’re different, I bring way more clothes and outfits and put them together and now I’ve got him on that whole track. We do like a whole wardrobe, like I’ll take pictures and stuff, so we know what we’ve got for the whole trip,” Hough told people.com.

And while she and her husband Ice hockey player Brooks Laich are in the process of planning, Hough likes to try on her outfits and says her trick is the “best thing she ever came up with” but Laich, 34, wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, but now they never travel without them.

“He doesn’t smile in them so he just looks so miserable in our little fashion show, it’s the greatest thing I feel like I ever came up with. I have all these different folders for different trips. He was not into that when we first did it, but I do that now for him and he is obsessed with it,” she said.