Jharkhand: Two Muslim men lynched to death over cattle theft

Ranchi: Lynching to death on suspicion of carrying cow meat is not new in India since several cases of lynching to death of Muslim community people and other lower caste community people have been reported in various parts of India with the BJP reign.

What can be called as Jharkhand state’s failure to bring law and order in force, an angry mob allegedly lynched two Muslim men to death on suspicion of stealing cattle in Jharkhand’s Godda district on Wednesday morning.

According to the Police, the residents of Dullu village accused two Muslim men Sirabuddin Ansari (35) and Murtaza Ansari (30) and lynched them to death suspecting them of stealing their missing buffaloes. Of the 13 missing cattle one belonged to Munshi Murmu, one of the four cow vigilantes arrested, HT reported.

The Police Superintendent of Godda, Rajiv Kumar Singh said: “Villagers claim that they found the missing buffaloes in the possession of the two people in Bankatti area. They were beaten to death.”

According to the Police, Murmu and three others – identified as Kaleshwar Soren, Kishan Tudu and Harjohan Kisku were behind the lynching of the two men. The four cow vigilantes have now been arrested and the situation has been brought under control said the Police.

Earlier, two men were lynched over rumors of child-lifting in Assam. Similar vigilante cases have also been reported from Telangana and Karnataka states.
Lynching in the BJP state ruled Jharkhand have been increasing over the year with many Muslim cattle traders brutally lynched, beaten by cow vigilantes.

The court recently gave life sentences to 11 persons in connection with the incident.

Last month in May, another frenzied mob lynched four Muslim cattle traders at a village in Saraikelka Kharswan district after accusing them of child-trafficking.

It is the BJP ruled government’s state failure to contain the inhuman atrocities against the Muslim community and failure to bring law and order in the Jharkhand state, yet the party is strategizing to win the next upcoming general elections in 2019.

Looking over the past atrocities against the Muslim community and other lower caste communities with BJP reigning the nation, the famous false slogans used by BJP of ‘ACCHE DIN’ was merely faulty and only indirectly meant to kill more and more people from the Muslim community.