Israel’s Aggressive militant attacks are to crush Palestine’s spirits

The intensive Israeli bombings at the Gaza Strip are intended to crush the spirits of Palestinians living in the region said Popular International Committee chief Dr Essam.

While addressing a press conference, Dr Essam condemned the recent attacks over the weekend that have reportedly killed 2 children while left many Palestinians injured, MEM reported.

“The occupying state insists on showing off its power against innocent children and unarmed people with every offensive against Gaza,” Yousef said.

Condemning the Israeli’s for targeting the places that are usually visited by civilians which has now polluted the air says are also intended to undermine the will of Palestinians.

“The targeting of the mosque in Al-Katiba Square and the National Library prove without doubt the barbarity of this occupation and the targeting of the identity, culture and legacy of the Palestinian people,” he said.

“Israel’s attempts to undermine the Palestinian presence in Palestine are a throwback to the times of the Mongols who committed massacres and other atrocities, including the burning of the Library of Baghdad in the thirteenth century.”

This is exactly how these Zionist influenced people have been treating innocent Palestinians through the years long siege for they have now explained the aggression and arrogance of Zionist mentalities with these thousands of killings he said.

“The Israeli military machine shows off its power in every attack against children, women and the elderly, who form the largest proportion of its victims. This confirms the cowardice of the occupation’s forces, who are keen to stockpile the latest lethal and sophisticated weapons for use against a largely unarmed population.”