Islamic counseling essential to resolve family disputes

Hyderabad: In order to make family life pleasant, patience and tolerance are essential for both the life partners. Family differences arise due to the ignorance of fear of Allah (SWT) and lack of training. These thoughts were expressed by Mufti Mohammed Qasim Siddiqui (USA) at a meeting held at Shahi Masjid, Public Garden. He told that it is not good for the husbands to divorce their wives on trivial issues. In the same manner, asking for Qula from the husbands is also not good on the part of wives.

Maulana Ahsan al Hamoomi explained the matrimonial relations of wife and husband in the light of Quran. Maulana Khaja Shareef gave the details of conciliation between wife and husband.

A large number of audiences attended the meeting. Questions and answers were discussed in the meeting.

–Siasat News