Islam teaches and prefers reconciliation: Farzana Mewati

Mewat: The hue and cry created by the centre and media regarding triple Talaq is baseless. Islam is a religion of nature, hence it has maintained flexibility in the rules and regulations, and it is not such a big issue as being presented. Divorce system is present not only in Islam but in every religion. And as far as the ratio of Talaq is concerned, Muslims have the lower divorce rate than others. These views were expressed by Aalima Farzana Mewati. She said though the shariah gives right of Talaq to men but he is not supposed to misuse his right. It has restricted men in this connection. She said however if a man misuses his right and gives triple Talaq, the Talaq will become valid.

Farzana says Islam gives right to equality, if a woman is fed up with her husband and can no longer bear with him, in that case if a man gives triple Talaq to his wife, the Talaq till become valid. She wondered why the present government is presenting the distorted image of Islam and its teachings. She further said though Islam validates triple Talaq but it doesn’t prefer triple Talaq.