Iraq: Deadly Sulfur fumes effects hundreds, kills 598

Badhdad: Haider al-Abadi, Iraqi Prime Minister met Ash Carter, U.S. Defense Secretary, who travelled to Iraq on Saturday to assess the Mosul operation, which has already left one U.S. sailor dead.

On Friday, Carter had visited with Turkish leaders and prematurely announced an agreement that allows Turkey to participate in the Mosul operation.

> About 2,000 refugees from Mosul and Hawija reached the Dibaga refugee center in Kurdistan.

> At least 598 people were killed.

> 1,021 got wounded.

> Up to 1,000 people were treated at a Qayara hospital for symptoms of exposure to fumes that were released when militants set the Mishraq sulfur plant ablaze near Mosul.

The injured reported breathing difficulties and/or eye discomfort. A previous fire at the plant in 2003 injured U.S. service members.

At various locations on Mosul front lines, three Peshmerga doctors were killed and six others were wounded. There is an unconfirmed report that two Peshmerga soldiers were executed. Militants threw 16 people off a bridge to their deaths.

At the Dibs power plant, the number of injured rose by 15 to 18 wounded in total.

Some security personnel were injured when militants attacked Laylan. Nine militants were killed. People fleeing Houd reported that many civilians there had been wounded.

The Iraqi Army announced troops have killed 473 militants so far. It is unclear if this includes militants killed by other security forces.

> 50 militants were killed in the liberation of Qaraqosh.
> Estimated militant deaths rosed from 28 to a total of 48.
> 15 militants were killed during the liberation of Doizzat.