Gurgaon: Robbed at gunpoint, women fight off rape attempt; 2 held

Gurgaon: The police on Saturday arrested a cab driver and his friend who robbed two women at gunpoint, who had hired a cab to go to their home in Delhi. The two men even tried to rape the women after they robbed them, but the brave women fought back and managed to foil the rape bid.

According to a report, the women who are security guards at event Management Company, had boarded a private cab (a white Mahindra Xylo) after finishing their work. Since it was supposed to be a share cab, the women did not find it odd that there was another man in the vehicle apart from the driver in the front seat.

The accused cab driver had been identified as 25-year-old Vikas and his friend as 27-year-old Pawan, both of them residents of Gurgaon.

According to the women, the driver, Vikas, was driving very slowly, when they asked him to drive fast, he said he was looking for more passenger. But after some time, Vikas stopped the car at an isolated spot near the Rapid Metro station in Sikanderpur and his friend Pawan shifted to the middle row where the women were sitting on the pretext of searching for something.

Pawan then touched on of the women and slapped the other when she protested against his indecent act. He pulled out a gun and asked them to hand over their belongings to him. The women said they were carrying their salaries for the month and handed it over to the thief. He started groping and molesting them, despite their protests, while Vikas began to drive slowly again.

Soon, the younger of the two women used her presence on mind and threw herself at the driver and moved the steering wheel, which threw the car of balance, hitting a divider.

That is when the women managed to get out of the car and get the attention of passersby. While Vikas managed to flee, the crowd caught hold of Pawan and turned him over to the police. Later, Vikas was nabbed by the police too.