Iran Foreign Minster on visit to Lebanon, offers full support to the new Government

Beirut: Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif on Sunday said that his country is offering its full support for the new Lebanese government.

Briefing the reporters at Beirut’s airport shortly after his arrival in the Lebanese Capital, he said that Iran is ready to cooperate with the new government, TOI reports.

Mr Zarif’s two-day visit comes after Iran urged the Lebanon government to accept anti-aircraft weapons as well as electricity and medicine from Iran.

Lebanon formed a new government last week after a nine-month vacuum that exacerbated the country’s economic woes. Hezbollah has three ministers in the new government.

Mr Zarif congratulated the new Lebanese cabinet formed last week after nine months of the political vacuum in the country.

Mr Zarif is scheduled to meet with the Lebanese president, prime minister and foreign minister during his two-day visit to the country.