‘Iran, exemplar of human rights’

Tehran, February 28: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Islamic Republic of Iran has established the “best example for asserting human rights in the world.”

In a Monday message to the first National Human Rights Conference, Ahmadinejad said the Iranian constitution places emphasis on various aspects of citizens and human rights.

Nations, particularly Muslim ones, have pinned their hopes on the Iranian nation and the major achievements of the Islamic Revolution to guide them on their path, IRNA quoted him as saying.

“In a world full of deception — where terrorism, internal disputes, war, bloodshed and military occupation are being supported in the name of freedom… — it is the obligation of an Islamic government to provide the world with an excellent example and model for the achievement of religious democracy,” the Iranian president went on to say.

“Today, in different parts of the world, signs of the weakness and desperation of the tyrannical powers are starting to surface and the collapse of the ideology and logic of domineering powers is evident. Nations now need a new path, a solid logic and divine and humanistic ideas,” Ahmadinejad said.