Bolivia landslide leaves 300 homeless

Bolivian, February 28: Over three hundred homes have been destroyed by a massive landslide caused by weeks of heavy rains in the Bolivian capital, La Paz.
Troops were mobilized to help evacuate the people from the Kupini II area on Saturday night when signs of cracks began to appear on roads and bridges.

“My neighbors were running around and told me to get out,” the state-run BBC quoted a local resident as saying.

“I looked out the window and there were no more homes to the left or the right of mine.”

So far at least five people have drowned as a minibus was swept away by a swollen river. Moreover, 40 others have been killed all across the nation and over a thousand have been rendered homeless.

Bolivian military planes and helicopters have been flying supplies to the worst-hit areas.

The Bolivian government declared a national emergency last Tuesday because of torrential rains across much of the country.