Intolerance issue attempt to bring disrepute to country: BJP

The recent growing chorus of “rising intolerance” in the country is a “calculated attempt” to bring “disrepute” to the nation and undermine its position in world community, state BJP here on Wednesday alleged. “We take a strong exception to this recent tirade against nation in the name of intolerance, which is deliberate. It is a calculated attempt to bring disrepute to the country and undermine its position and growing influence in world community”, state BJP’s chief spokesperson Sunil Sethi said. The debate over alleged intolerance in the country has taken centrestage in political discourse and media reportage, after several authors, scholars, historians, artists returned their awards claiming unfavourable environment, with Bollywood actor Aamir Khan being the latest entrant to the debate.

“PM (Narendra Modi) is painstakingly building image of nation by visiting large number of countries to invite investments and strengthen position of India in world community”, Sethi told reporters here. “This is also because of good governance and overall development, which is taking place in country and on the other hands there are people who are enjoying luxurious lifestyles because of being Indians but have started and carrying with them anti-national drive to do damage to good works of the Prime Minister”, he further alleged.