Indian IT manager convicted for sexually assaulting woman

Washington: An Indian IT manager was recently convicted for sexually assaulting a sleeping woman on flight according to media reports.

The incident is reported to have taken place on Detroit bound US flight were the assaulter identified as Prabhu Ramamoorthy was arrested for his misconduct towards a woman on board, PTI reported.

Ramamoorthy aged around 35 years works with an IT company and is believed to face life imprisonment with the sexual assault charge against him if released with fines he shall be deported to India. He will be sentenced on December 12 by US District Judge Terrence Berg.

The federal jury in Detroit convicted Ramamoorthy of sexually assaulting 22-year-old woman on Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas while his wife sat in the next seat, the report said.

The jury pronounced the verdict seven months after the assault was reported. Ramamoorthy lives in Rochester Hills city.

“We will not tolerate the behaviour of anyone who takes advantage of victims who are in a vulnerable position, and we are glad the jury agreed,” US Attorney Matthew Schneider said in a statement.

“We appreciate the victim in this case for her courage to speak out,” Schneider added.

According to reports, the victim who was seated in a window seat woke up to find a man’s hand inside her pants. She was surprised to find her pants and shirt buttons untied. The assaulter immediately stopped when he saw she woke up.

Rama moorthy initially told the investigators that he was in deep sleep and did do anything he, however, later confessed to FBI agent that he was guilty.