Imran Khan’s household expenses were borne by estranged leader

New Delhi: A former PTI member and retired Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed recently claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s monthly household expenses were borne by now-estranged PTI leader Jahangir Tareen, The News reported.

Wajihuddin, who had resigned from the PTI back in 2016, revealed that Tareen initially gave funds worth Rs 3 million per month for now Prime Minister Imran Khan’s household expenses, which was later increased to Rs 5 million per month, reported Geo News.

Speaking during a show on a private news channel, he said that the perception about Imran Khan being an honest man is “completely wrong”. “The man who doesn’t even pay for his shoelaces, how can you call that man honest?” Wajihuddin questioned, The News reported.

“In the start, the Jahangir Tareen group used to pay Rs 3 million monthly to run his house,” he claimed, adding that the amount was later increased to Rs 5 million after it was determined that Rs 3 million was not enough for the PTI chief’s palatial Banigala residence,” GNNHD reported.

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He further said certain people within the party would try to outdo each other in footing the bills for things like keeping Imran’s car fuel tank and “keeping his pocket full at all times”.

“This belief is entirely false that Imran Khan is a (financially) honest man,” Ahmed said. “His condition is such that he hasn’t been running his household himself for years,” Dawn reported.

Ahmed, who also served as the chief justice of the Sindh High Court before being elevated to the apex court, had formally resigned from the PTI in September 2016.

He alleged that the party was being run like a mafia without any institutional checks and balances.