Exploitation of physically handicapped women in Telangana on the rise

Hyderabad: There are enough laws in the state to protect physically challenged and unemployed women but they are still facing oppression on roads, homes and offices and in some cases they are killed.

The matter never ends here as their complaints are not being taken in the police stations. This situation is particularly prevailing in states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka where such women are unable to come out of their homes during the night.

Speaking to the media persons, Srinivaslu, President of the Telangana Women Unemployed and Disabled Association and Kiran Nayar of National Handicapped and Transgender Association said that the government had laid down enough laws to protect this category of women.

But in spite of these laws such physically challenged women do not get employment as per their qualifications. The society neglects them in their homes and they are not getting a share in their ancestral properties. Whenever they go to the police station to lodge their complaints they are ignored.

It is observed that such women are forced to be second and third wife because they are physically challenged.

They said that there is an urgent need to create awareness in the society. There should be a provision to provide a 5% quota for these women in education, employment and in the allotment of 2 BHK flats.