Implicating senior journalist Subhan in false cases tantamount to attack on journalism: Sec Gen TUWJ Virahat Ali

Hyderabad: Telangana Union of Working Journalists will not tolerate any effort to attack journalists, deliberately implicate them in false cases and to harm them. As far as the case of sending senior journalist Mohammed Subhan behind the bars is concerned, the TUWJ is apprehensive over suspicious attitude and character of the police. These views were expressed by Secretary-General Telangana Union of Working Journalists Mr Virahat Ali Khan. He strongly condemned the move of sending senior journalists Subhan to jail by implicating him in the fake case. He said it seems to be a part of a planned conspiracy and the police seem to be working at the behest of someone.

Virahat Ali, Secratary General, TUWJ

According to Mr Virahat Ali case has been booked against Subhan by alleging that Subhan with his post spread the rumour that kidnapping gang is on the prowl in the city. And as a result of that rumour, the incident of killing of a beggar took place in Chandrayangutta. While the fact is Subhan did not post anything regarding kidnapping gang being active in the city. He had tried to create awareness among the public by citing the incident occurred in Mahboobnagar. After the release of video based on DGP’s statement on May 24, Subhan deleted his post from his page on the social media platform. Ironically police didn’t take action against those who shared such post on May 27 and 28 and no case was booked against them. Some of them were even spotted with higher police officials.

Mr Virahat Ali who is also a well-known social activist of the city further told that registering of false cases is in fact attack on media. Police should have first investigated the matter. It seems that police is creating fear and terror among real journalists and suppressing the voice of journalists who are highlighting the facts. He also said that Telangana Union of Working Journalist will move to Press Council of India against police’s one-sided and biased action based on animosity.

Virahat Ali also made it clear that Telangana Union of Working Journalists has always supported real journalists and people only on humanitarian grounds. It also condemns the killing of a beggar in Chandrayangutta. Union’s stand is that there is no substitute for human life and killing of a human is like the killing of entire humanity.

Virahat Ali noted that action against Subhan seems to be taken by the police to hide its failure. He asked why police are sympathizing with the elements who consider it as part of their duty to make rounds of police stations and DCP office. Police are bothering professional journalists and harassing them while allegedly backing anti-social elements indulged in unfair activities in the name of the journalism profession. He demanded that the Director General Police and Commissioner of Police make thorough investigations to find out factors behind the arrest of senior journalist Subhan and to unveil the conspiracy behind the move.

Meanwhile, President Hyderabad Union of Working Journalists Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed, Mr Khaleel Quadri, Shankar Goud, Secretary HUJ, Ameer Hassan Habeeb, Joint Secretary, HUJ, Junaid Multana, Vice President, HUJ Electronic and others also condemned implication of false cases against senior Journalist Subhan and demanded that the DGP conduct an enquiry into the matter.