If at all front is Lucky, Will Revanth be the CM or a Dalit?

Hyderabad: IF (a big If) at all, the Praja Front consisting of the four parties led by the Congress, manages to win majority of seats by any remote chance, when the counting takes place on December 11, who will be the next Chief Minister of the State? Will the TPCC executive president Revanth Reddy be selected for the plum post, if he wins the seat, by the AICC president Rahul Gandhi, at the instance of TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, overlooking the senior leaders of the party?

Will the Congress High Command think of making a Dalit as the chief Minister?

These are some of the topics hotly debated in political circles, particularly in the Congress circles of the State, on the eve of the election results. The pessimists in the party feel that it is very difficult for the Praja Front to bag the required number of seats, as the TRS has many achievements to its credit and the party has won a place in the hearts of the people in general and the rural masses in particular. They also point out that the Congress having an alliance with its arch rival, the TDP, was not going to help the party, but would adversely affect it, as people feel that TDP was putting hurdles in the development of the State and trying to stall the irrigation projects.
Optimists in the party, however, are of the view that the TRS had failed to fulfill some of the promises made on the eve of the last elections, and this would held the Congress-led front to win majority seats and form the Government. In this context, there is intense discussion in the party on the likely Chief Minister candidate.

There is a feeling among some sections of the party that Rahul Gandhi and Chandrababu Naidu have already come to an understanding in the matter and Babu is insisting on making Revanth Reddy as Chief Minister, of course if he wins the election. Chandrababu is keen on the candidate of his choice becoming Chief Minister, so that the Vote for Note case could be watered down and ultimately faded away into history and thus he can heave a sigh of relief. In case Rahul opts to make a senior or a Dalit as Chief Minister, then Chandrababu would insist on making Revanth as a Deputy Chief Minister with Home portfolio, Congress circles feel.
Indications of Revanth Reddy having a say in the Congress Government were already witnessed, some contend. Long back, Revanth had declared in a public meeting at Kamareddy that Mohd Ali Shabbir would become a deputy chief Minister, if Congress wins the race. He had also threatened some officials saying that they will be dealt with severely when Congress comes to power. These are clear indications that go to show that he would get a plum post in the Government, some feel.

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