Icelandic Muslims observing longest fast of 22 hours this Ramadan

Europe: As the holy month of Ramadan begins worldwide, countries across the globe face different fasting hours. Some countries observe the longest fasting period in the world and some will fast the least number of hours.

In the Icelandic capital Reykjavik, Muslims are observing longest fast in the world. The fasting lasts for 22 hours in this country. Iceland is one of the countries with the smallest Muslim communities.

Abdul-Aziz Ulvani, the imam at the Islamic Foundation of Iceland said.“Although the hours are long, the Muslims here do not feel it because they come together here.”

“We are like family. They come in at early hours. We recite the Quran, have iftar and observe Tarawih prayers together.

“The first three days are most difficult. Then everything turns back to normal,” said the imam.