IARI suggests farmers to adopt drought tolerant crops

New Delhi, June 30: Warning that absence of pre- monsoon showers are already having impact on growth of Kharif crops, Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) today suggested farmers to go for drought tolerant crops.

“If farmers do not have assured irrigation facility, they should opt for low water requiring or drought tolerant crops and varieties,” IARI said in a statement.

June month remained totally unusual with no pre-monsoon rains and average maximum temperature remained 3-5 degree centigrade above normal. Because of these reason, paddy and vegetable crops and direct seeded crops are suffering, it said.

To help farmers in such situation, IARI suggested especially paddy farmers to keep seed rate of about 5-10 per cent in case of direct seeding.

It also said farmers should use substantial quantity of organic manure as it helps plants bear water stress.