Hyderabad: Temperature dropped below average to 13.9ºC

Hyderabad: The temperature dropped below the average for this time of the year elsewhere too. Nizamabad and Hakimpet recorded 16ºC whereas Hanmakonda and Ramagundam recorded 14ºC.

Adilabad was the coldest in the state at 8ºC followed by 11ºC in Medak. On Monday, the temperature fell to 13.9ºC making it the lowest temperature of this season.

Due to the change in the wind pattern, the temperature at night is dropping. Telangana is receiving northwesterly winds which are dry and cold.

The temperature is expected to drop to 10ºC next month says the Meteorological officials. December to February are the peak winter months. The lowest ever temperature recorded in the city in November was 7.4ºC in 1964.

Monday night’s temperature broke 2017’s record. The lowest was 14.1ºC recorded in previous November.