Modi should resign if he can’t ensure security to Delhi CM: Kejriwal

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said that the Prime Minister should resign if he cannot ensure security to the Delhi Chief Minister, days after a man tried to rub chilli powder on his face inside the Secretariat.

“Narendra Modi should resign if he cannot protect Delhi’s Chief Minister, otherwise people will think that Modi is taking revenge on them for electing me as the CM,” Kejriwal said during the special session of the Delhi Assembly called to discuss the attacks on him.

Speaking in the House, Kejriwal, who is also the national Convenor of the Aam Aadmi Party, said he is being attacked again and again for being “elected” as the Chief Minister by the people.

“This is not an attack on me, but on the people of Delhi. Since we came to power, the BJP has been punishing the citizens of Delhi for electing us. I would not have been attacked if I was not elected. These attacks by the BJP on me are attacks on the Delhi people,” he said.

He also said it is “important to think why I am being targeted…”.

The attacks, he said, are taking place because the Bharatiya Janata Party is “baffled” by the “good work” done by his government in the national capital.

“Congress looted the nation for 70 years and the BJP in only past four years has looted the nation 100 times over. The nation wants to know how much is paid to Modi by Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi for allowing them to run.”

He asked Modi to compare Gujarat and Delhi and the work done by the respective governments.

Referring to a phone call from Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, a day after the incident outside his office, Kejriwal claimed, “I said either you are worthless or colluding”.

Speaking on a government resolution to ensure the accountability of Delhi Police towards the elected city government, Kejriwal said 95 per cent policemen were good but “they are being made to do wrong things by the BJP”.

“If the Delhi Police comes under the elected government of Delhi, it will start working for the good of the people, just like government teachers and doctors are doing,” he said.

The Chief Minister also advised his party MLAs to withdraw their proposal demanding the exclusion of Delhi Police from the government’s compensation scheme.

Following the attack on Kejriwal, AAP legislators had urged Kejriwal to remove Delhi Police from the list of beneficiaries of the Delhi government’s compensation scheme under which Rs one crore is given to the kin of slain security personnel.

“The police is not doing anything, they are being asked by the BJP to do so…Nowhere in the country, the police can file a case against the elected Chief Minister or the MLAs, even if they commit a crime,” he said, adding that this is happening in Delhi at the behest of the BJP.