Hyderabad: Repair potholes or else will not vote!

Hyderabad: Ameenpur residents have decided not to vote in the upcoming elections if the potholes in the region near Miyapur are not repaired.

These potholes are causing spine ailments and neck issues, miscarriages and many more health issues complaint residents,TOI reported.

The Ameenpur area has recently got a status of a municipality and residents in the area claim that their pleas for better roads and streetlights have no effect on responsible people.

“I am six months pregnant. Since I heard about the miscarriages, I clench my belly while travelling on these roads,” says a resident Anusha.

“I have been living here for the past three years but haven’t seen any road works so far,” she added.

The Members of the Ameenpur Joint Ventures Association (AJVA) have protested against the government’s inaction earlier this week, armed with placards that read ‘No Roads, No Vote’ and ‘Save pregnant women’.

“It has been two months since Ameenpur became a municipality. But when we ask why the roads are not repaired, officials at the municipal office say they don’t have funds. We are taxpayers too, where is all our money going? Even the streetlights in the area don’t work. It’s an ordeal travelling at night,” said AJVA member Ramakrishna Yadav.

The residents have also tweeted about their grievances to MA&UD minister KT Rama Rao.

No civic official has inspected the roads though the issue was addressed.

“My father-in-law recently had a bypass surgery. Whenever we take him to the hospital for check-up, the bumpy road aggravates his pain,” said Bhanu Prasad, another resident.