Hyderabad: The poor becoming poorer, corporators turning millionaires, MLAs billionaires

Hyderabad: Income Tax raids have become the talk of the town. Everywhere people are talking about the neo-rich persons. People are anxious to know how two persons can become billionaires overnight.

If this is the status of the well-wishers of the bosses, what could be the status of the supremo?

People have started talking in a city like Hyderabad when a poor Muslim wants to get an auto rickshaw, he has to hire it. If he wants to own it, he has to struggle a lot.

The recently made income tax raids have become the topics of discussions in every nook and corner of the city. So far, from two persons assets worth Rs. 200 crore have been unearthed whereas the people of the city are aware of their past. People are getting an impression that on account of political patronage, during a short span of few years, they have become billionaires. The people who are the backbone of the political party are getting poor day-by-day.

Hyderabad is a city wherein there are 70, 000 auto drivers. Most of them hire an auto rickshaw but there are a few persons, the value of their vehicles is estimated at Rs. 45 crore. In certain parts of the old city, people have no bus facility but some people are the owners of the luxurious cars. People want to know whether it is their wealth or the wealth of the political bosses.

In Hyderabad City, the population is more than 50 lakh. In Hyderabad Parliamentary Constituency, there are 8 lakh Muslim voters, whereas, in Secunderabad Parliamentary Constituency, there are nearly 4.5 lakh Muslim voters.

Those who claim to be the representatives of 12.5 lakh Muslim voters have two of their confidants as billionaires which left the people of the city wonderstruck. People work hard to get their bread daily but there are a few persons who are leading a luxurious life.

It may be mentioned that if the confiscated assets exceed Rs. 200 crore, the case could be handed over to Enforcement Directorate.

–Siasat News