Hyderabad: Live heart, lungs transported 29kms in 22 minutes

Hyderabad: An ambulance carrying a pair of live lungs and a heart covered a distance of 29 kilometers in 22 minutes, thanks to the green corridor provided by the Hyderabad Traffic Police.

Anil Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Traffic, Hyderabad, shared details of arrangements made by his department on Tuesday to facilitate transportation of the organs.

“Today, we have provided a hassle-free green channel to an ambulance carrying live organs heart and lungs. The organs were transported from Gleneagles Global Health Hyderabad located in Lakdikapul to RGI Airport Shamshabad and from there to Chennai. The distance between the starting point to RGI Airport is 29 kilometers and the distance has been covered in just 22 minutes by the ambulance. The medical team carrying live organs started at 3.23pm on November 13 and reached the destination of RGI Airport at 3.46pm,” Kumar explained.

The Gleneagle Hospital management appreciated the help provided by the traffic police department for swift transportation of the vital organs.

Similarly, on November 2 the Hyderabad Traffic Police had provided a green channel to an ambulance for the speedy transportation of a heart. As a result of the swift mobilization, doctors of Care Hospital were able to successfully transplant a live heart into a 47-year-old woman.