Humanity Restored: Genuine Jihadist risked his life for saving Jews, states “I Am Not A hero!”

Paris: “The very next day, I woke up only to perceive 800 people asking me to be their friend on Facebook,” 25 year old Lassana Bathily cheerfully told AFP.

Lassana Bathily a Mali migrant is celebrating appraisal now a days since a year has went by, as he saved several lives during an attack on a Jewish supermarket in Paris.

Bathily was about to complete his shift timings while winding up his work in the basement of the supermarket, when he heard a sudden outbreak of gunfire upstairs and suddenly noticed people fleeing down the stairs.

Amedy Coulibaly a ruthless gunman, who claimed to have been a part of Islamic State, took several shoppers as hostages. Bathily showed them the way towards the goods elevator to escape.

“My heart was beating so hard that I was scared I’d be heard,” he said.

None took the path towards the elevator out of their fear of taking a scary risk, observing this fright on their faces, he then ushered them into the refrigerated room, flicking off the light, escaped via the elevator and a fire escape.

After this remarkable escape he helped the police outside the building in understanding the positions of the hostages and terrorists inside the building, thus helping the police in carrying out a successful raid and finally killing Coulibaly.

Weeks after this incident Bathely’s childhood dream came true. This hero belonging to Mali-Senagal border was awarded French citizenship by the President himself. Bathely was further honoured by Legion d’Honneur, highest award in France.

“My fate can’t be decided by terrorists, if it’s God’s will I will definitely die, if not they can’t harm me in anyway.” Bathely firmly said.