How to make your beard look hot this summer: A comprehensive guide

New Delhi: If you’ve been inspired by cricket star Virat Kohli’s beard style, make sure you are taking enough care of it with the right grooming tools, say experts.

In the summer season, people tend to sweat more than usual and that can lead to the growth of bacteria. To keep these at bay, wash your face twice a day and invest in proper tools like a beard trimmer and scissors.

Mohit Saxena, Co-founder at Raw Nature and Prerna Taneja, Medical Director of Clinic Eximus, have shared a few tips:

* Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. It helps in providing your skin the essential water content.

* Use a face wash daily as it helps to keep the face clean and bacteria free.

* Use a beard shampoo during summer. It acts as a conditioning agent and leaves your skin feeling soft and not irritable. It is also important to trim it regularly. If you don’t wash and condition it, chances are that it will get dry and wiry. This leads to the feeling of itchiness. Using a beard wash and conditioner will help clean your beard properly. After washing, dry using a clean towel.

* Never forget to comb the facial hair before you go out. You must have a wide tooth comb, a narrow tooth comb and a beard brush. Do this after showering or washing your beard.

* Moisturise your beard with the right oil or cream. A beard oil/cream moisturises the beard well and makes the hair softer to touch and also injects smoothness into your skin reducing itchiness or dander related issues.

* Invest in proper tools like a beard trimmer and scissors.

* Use laser hair removal to sculpt your beard in style. Men can use laser hair removal to eradicate razor burn and to eliminate the hassle of shaving. Beard shaping through laser includes the creation of defined lines on the upper parts of the beard or the removal of hair from the neck alone.

* Maintain a healthy diet. Beard hair grows when you’re receiving enough essential vitamins through your diet. For beard maintenance, you don’t need to eat anything special, just make sure you are consuming a balanced, healthy diet.