Here’s a list of essential picks for a modern man’s office bag

New Delhi: It is often said that a woman carries her entire world in her bag but no one really knows what is inside a man’s bag; which is why there is always an air of mystery surrounding it.

It is high time to clear the air and dig out the list of a man’s essential picks when he is on the go. Yes, a man’s bag can also be an interesting topic of discussion, so, we bring you a list of must-haves that a man should carry.

1. For the entertainment and tech junky in you

A USB cable and a power bank made it to the top of the list since it is a staple item for the man on the move. You never know when your phone battery may run out after a hectic day of juggling between office e-mails, mom’s calls, and girlfriend’s text messages.

Also, it is your phone that you depend on during those boring cab and metro rides. So, if you want to read the news, stream videos on YouTube or watch your favourites on Netflix, you will definitely need a power back-up.

While speaking of video streaming, one has to mention earphones. Always carry a pair to cut the clutter and find your own space in the crowd. After all, it is your choice of music or shows that will get you into the groove after a day of hard work.

But not all of us are fond of the internet, for the old school pals we suggest that you keep a book handy. Reading your favourite author’s
book is the best thing you can do to unwind.

2. Being hygienic goes a long away

In today’s fast-paced world a 21st-century man has many things to tend to and we suggest that you add personal hygiene to the list. Being well-groomed and clean not only creates a good impression but also makes you feel good about your own self.

So, we recommend that you always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag to be ready for that perfect handshake.

Speaking of hygiene, one has to mention about smelling good, since it increases your chances of landing a date with the most beautiful woman from your office! To be ready for such a moment, always keep a deodorant stick at hand. These travel-size sticks can easily fit in a small space and will be your savior when the air conditioning is rendered useless in a jam-packed metro. But don’t expect women to swarm around you like the fancy advertisements. Let’s be realistic!

Talking of cleanliness, a bad breath can earn you a bad image and is a big turn-off if you get lucky enough to strike a one-on-one conversation with your crush. So, mint is a must have, just pop one and have a smooth sail!

Next comes a stain-removing pen. Not many know about this small wonder, but it’s a nifty little thing in town which helps you get rid of those annoying stains on your clothes in the blink of an eye.

So, keep one at your disposal while eating lunch as you might drop a morsel once in a while.

3. A cure for those hunger pangs

Hunger pangs strike at unusual of moments. That rumbling in your stomach can start without notice, maybe when you are writing an important report or just when you are chatting with your crush in office.

Reach out for that packet of snacks, you can choose from dry fruits, chips or biscuits, whatever suit your taste and diet.

The fun part is that you get to share it with your gang. Cheers to that!

4. Seasonal picks

We all love to enjoy the rain sitting in the balcony with a cup of hot coffee, but what if you have to step out? Do carry an umbrella if you don’t want to spoil your clothes. From a classic black one to the checked and printed ones, you are definitely spoilt for choice.

A trusted pair of sunglasses is another must-have, it will not only add to your style but will also protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. A pair that suits you will also make you look better in those selfies that you’ll later post on Instagram.

5. Safety first

You can invest in a good swiss knife and keep it your bag for those tricky situations. From opening a box to slicing an apple, you and your swiss knife can come to the rescue in times of need.

Last but not the least, in order to protect your stuff especially those electronic goods, do buy an anti-theft backpack, the primary feature of which is hidden zips. It is safe and stylish at the same time.

Step out and buy yourself these essentials if you are the man-on-the-go who does not compromise on his needs and style at any cost!(ANI)