‘Cow is our mother’: India becomes world’s top beef exporter

New Delhi: On one side several innocent people are being beaten to death in the name of cow slaughter or smuggling, on the other hand, India has become no 1 beef exporter during the rule of Modi led BJP government. According to the latest figures of World Beef Rating, India is the number one beef, exporter.

India exports 19.60 pc of the world’s beef needs. Brazil also exports almost the same quantity of beef. But it must be noted that cow is considered sacred by the Hindus of India and several innocent persons were lynched to death by the mobs in the name of gau raksha.

It must be noted that Mangalore police arrested a Bajrang Dal worker a day before who worked in gau raksha dal during the day and smuggles cattle in the night. On one side mob violence incidents are rising in the country, on the other side beef export is also on the rise.