‘Hatred for Nizam, love for Palace’: PM forced to select Falaknuma Palace for hosting dinner

Hyderabad: On the occasion of his visit to Hyderabad, PM Modi addressed BJP cadre. In his speech, he mentioned the role of Sardar Patel for the merger of Hyderabad with the Indian Union but he did not make any reference to the Nizam of Hyderabad.

However, after a few hours, he hosted a dinner in honour of Ms. Ivanka Trump and the delegates of GES at Falknuma Palace which was constructed during Asif Jahi period.

On the one hand, hatred is expressed against Asif Jahi Kings and on the other hand, dinner was being hosted in the memorable, historic palace constructed by those kings. Is it not a dual policy?

In the Central Hall of Falaknuma Palace where 101 VVIPs were invited for dinner, the life-size portrait of Meer Mahboob Ali Khan was hung on the wall during whose tenure the palace was constructed. All the dignitaries including PM Modi saw his photograph. No one could resist the temptation to praise the beauty of the palace. No other place would have been suitable for hosting dinner for VVIPs than this.

On the other hand, the family members of the Nizam grumbled that they were overlooked on the occasion of the dinner. They say that despite contacting the officials of NITI Ayog, they were not invited. They contend that as the heirs of the late Nizam, they were eligible to participate in the celebrations.

It may be mentioned that Nawab Vikhar-ul-Umara, the then PM of the Nizam had constructed Falaknuma Palace in 1893. It was used as the official building of Nawab Meer Mahboob Ali Khan till his death in 1911.

The people of Hyderabad are wonderstruck that the political policy of the PM is against the Nizam but he was forced to select Falaknuma Palace for hosting dinner.

–Siasat News