Canadian tourist tells how she was ‘gang raped at Paris police HQ

A Canadian tourist, Emily Spanton waived her anonymity and described how she was gang-raped by police officers at police headquarter in Paris.

The incident dates back to April 22, 2014, and Spanton tells that she met the three Fench police officers at Galway Irish pub in the city and they started talking about her love of the ‘headquarters of the Paris branch of the national police, that is situated on banks of the River Seine, reports Mail Online.

The alleged victim claims that her head was smashed against a desk and the officers forced her to drink large amounts of whiskey. She was raped repeatedly while her head being held down, and the officers threw her on street afterwards.

In an interview with France 3 TV, Spanton said she had been ‘fascinated’ by the building and did not want to lose the opportunity to visit it and was given a tour by the officers. But their mood turned evil, she said.

“It became very different when I refused to do what they wanted,” she told France 3 TV.

“They smashed my face against the desk. I was stunned, I was seeing stars. I couldn’t see anything for a while. I couldn’t see them either, they were behind me,” she said.

A female police officer spotted Spanton outside the headquarters and took her to a hospital where doctors found out signs of sexual assault. Spanton registered a rape complaint before flying back to Canada.

The three officers were arrested and, after Spanton went through a long appeal procedure, two of them are now set to go for a trial.

“Before I was a happy person, open but now I am closed and isolated. That’s why this trial is very important for me,” Spanton said.