Google Docs gets new API for automation of tasks

California: Google has announced that it is making a new API available for Google Docs that will allow developers to automate certain tasks in the online office suite.

The new API, called REST API, was first available in developer preview since last April, is now available to all developers. It is built on three core ideas – building content management services, bulk document creation, and workflow management.

The official video explains that using the new API, developers can set up automatic processes to manipulate documents after the fact to update them. For instance, if you create same invoices every month, Docs can automate the task for you. You can integrate apps to make it even easier.

By integrating docs with content management systems, you can use it as a text editor for seamless publishing. It features the ability to insert, delete, move, merge, and format text, insert inline images and work with lists, and so on.