92% singles look for love in matrimony: BharatMatrimony Valentine’s Day survey

New Delhi: In this digital age, more and more people are turning to dating apps in order to meet someone new. However, according to a latest survey conducted by BharatMatrimony, a huge number of singles ready to marry are looking for love on matrimonial websites.

Around 6809 members participated in a BharatMatrimony survey recently and a whopping 92 per cent of singles ready to marry said that they’re looking for the “love of their life” on the website, not just a life partner.

When asked how they wanted their partner to express love on Valentine’s Day, interestingly 52 per cent female participants wished that their partner expressed love to them by saying “I found my equal.” Moreover only 23 per cent females opined that they wanted a gift. However, males when asked “How would you express love to your partner on Valentine’s Day?” 34 per cent said “By gifting her something she loves.”

86 per cent participants said they’d celebrate Valentine’s Day with spouse after marriage while 14 per cent said they may not. 55 per cent female participants and 47 per cent male participants opined that celebrating the day “helps strengthen marital bonds” while 35 per cent females and 46 per cent male participants opined that it was a “special day to express love.”

Among those who said they’d not celebrate the day post marriage, 43 per cent reasoned that “anniversaries and birthdays are more important days,” while 32 per cent said VDay was “just a marketing gimmick.”

When posed “What’s the best day of the year to express love post marriage?” 44 per cent said “Wedding anniversary” while 32 per cent felt “Partner’s birthday” was the best day to express love to spouse. 22 per cent preferred Valentine’s Day as the day to express love to partner. In response to “Who should plan for Valentine’s Day after marriage, 30 per cent said the husband while 22 per cent opined the wife should.

“We’re constantly studying the changing aspiration of millennial with regard to matrimony. This survey proves that young singles are not only seeking a life partner but looking to find “the love of their life” on BharatMatrimony.

The widest choice of nearly 3 Million bride and groom profiles, availability of detailed information about a member’s interests, features like secure chat and the option to directly call matches one likes, help members discover love that leads to a happy marriage, says Rajasekar KS, GM – Marketing at Matrimony.com.