Golden opportunity for Telangana to become role model by implementing 12% reservation

Hyderabad: Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily made it clear that he has no political ambitions. Siasat Urdu Daily does not have any intention to form a political party. He was addressing a public meeting held at Minority Function Hall, Kagaz Nagar yesterday. The meeting was attended by political leaders, religious heads and the members of various religious organizations. Mr. Mohammed Maqbool Husain, Vice-President of Wakf, Adilabad presided over the meeting.


Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that TRS in its election manifesto had promised to provide 12% reservation for Muslims. Mr. KCR in his election speech delivered at Shaad Nagar had told that within four months of TRS assuming charge, 12% reservation would be provided to Muslims but even after the lapse of 16 months the CM did not fulfilled his election promise. Govt. has issued notification for the recruitment against more than one lakh vacancies. If Muslims are not provided 12% reservation, they would lose nearly 15,000 vacancies. He further said that in order to get the benefits for Muslim community, Siasat Urdu Daily had started the campaign which has now become a public movement. He appealed to Muslim leaders and religious heads to join this movement rising above politics and sectarian differences. By exhibiting their unity, they should force the Govt. of Telangana for the formation of BCs Commission. The unity of the Muslims is the need of the hour. By getting 12% reservation, Muslim community will get prosperity and their representation in all the departments would increase. He pointed out that at the time of Independence of India, Muslims occupied 40% of Govt. jobs which has now been reduced to 2%. However, due to opening of avenues in Gulf countries, the economy of the Muslim community has improved but the situation in these countries is not the same now. He also told that CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR had promised that he would provide 12% reservation for Muslims on the lines of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He therefore demanded the Govt. to form BCs Commission for getting appropriate recommendations from it for the implementation of 12% reservation for Muslim. He made an appeal to CM that by providing this reservation, he can make Telangana a model State in the entire country. He mentioned that Govt. has many welfare schemes for SCs, STs and BCs but for Muslims, only Auto scheme has been proposed.


He appealed to the intellectuals, Muslim leaders and religious heads to shelve their sectarian differences and gather at a common platform to demand 12% reservation for Muslims.


Mr. Mohammed Abdul Shakeel, General Secretary of Adilabad District Congress Committee applauded the welfare activities of Siasat Urdu Daily and told that he supports fully the campaign launched by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily for providing 12% reservation for Muslims.


Mr. Maqbool Husain, in his presidential address told that Siasat Urdu Daily has played an important role in Telangana movement and now it has transformed the campaign for 12% reservation for Muslims into a public movement. It is also playing an important in bringing together all the religious and political leader to a common platform. He further told that Sudheer Committee has no legal sanctity. It is therefore necessary for the Govt. to form BCs Commission for providing 12% reservation for Muslims.


Mr. Shafiullah Khan, Chairman, Murad Memorial Educational Trust told that awareness has been created among the Muslims for campaigning 12% reservations. In all the districts of Telangana, large scale public meetings are being arranged. Muslims are voluntarily submitting memoranda to Tehsildars, Collectors of the districts and elected people’s representatives. He appealed to the Muslims of Telangana to organize a mass rally and public meeting. Mr. Abid Ahmed, Urdu Journalist of Adilabad congratulated Mr. Zahid Ali Khan and Mr. Amer Ali Khan for starting English Weekly and said that reservation for Muslims is the need of the hour. Mr. Naseer Ahmed, Advisor of Teachers’ Union demanded the Govt. to fulfill its promise. Dy. Ghazi, Mr. Syed Inayath Ali Saberi welcomed the movement launched by Siasat Urdu Daily. Vice President of MSB, Mr. Razi Haider, Advocate told that Govt. of Telangana has deceived the Muslims. If the intention of the  CM was true, he would have constituted BCs commission instead of Sudheer Committee. Maulana Ahmed Mubeen Qasimi conducted the meeting. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Jameel proposed vote of thanks at the end of the meeting.



–Siasat News