85% Muslims are houseless and economically backward – Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: For the past 60 years, 85% of Muslims are houseless and they are leading the life of economic backwardness. Despite the reports by various committees appointed by Central and State Governments, the status of Muslims has not been changed. The main reason for not resolving the issues pertaining to Muslims is the lack of effective representations. Now the time has come for the Muslims to get united and to come forward to make representations for resolving their issues, otherwise the future generations would suffer.


These thoughts were expressed Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily at a meeting held at SV Kendram organized by MSRAC to consider sub-plan and 12% reservation for Muslims.


Mr. Osman Shaheed, Advocate  and Chairman of Minority sub-plan and 12% reservation action committee, Mr. Syed Fazil Husain Parveez, Editor of “Gawah” Urdu weekly, Mr. Abdul Waheed, Mr. M.A. Siddiqui, former member of Minorities Commission. Mr. Mohammed Abbas Razzak, lecturer OU also addressed the gathering.


Continuing his speech, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that even after 20 years of the merger of Hyderabad State into Indian Union, the Muslims of Telangana used to consider themselves as the rulers and in Govt. jobs their representation was 40%. Under an organized conspiracy, the Muslims were deprived of Govt. jobs, as a result of which their representation got reduced to less than 1%.


Mr. Amer Ali Khan further told that even though Governments allocate funds for Minorities and make wide publicity but till the end of the financial year, even the last installment of the allocated budget is not released. Muslim leadership does not raise any question about it. He further told that Non-Muslim leaders and intellectuals have formed an opinion that the Muslims get satisfied if they get funds under Auto, Thela Bandi and other petty schemes. He also told that after the formation of separate Telangana State, Muslims are 12% of the total population. Despite this, only 11 hundred crore budget is allocated for Muslims. By providing subsidies under Auto, Thela Bandi schemes, Govt. makes fun of the economic backwardness of the Muslims. He pointed out that a suggestion was made to allocate Rs. 500 crore under Wakf Development Scheme to develop Wakf lands and to construct houses for the poor Muslims on rental basis so that they could get good accommodation. He further told that after resolving accommodation problem, the Muslims can think of their further progress.


Mr. Amer Ali Khan also told that for the development of Muslims, Govt. should setup, schools, colleges and industries so that Muslims could get quality education and jobs. Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that Siasat Urdu Daily launched a movement for getting 12% reservation for Muslims. This movement was initially started in the districts of Telangana where majority of the Muslims face economic backwardness. He mentioned that in the queues of ration shops majority of the Muslims are found. Burqua clad Muslim women are found begging near the Mosques. He told the Govt. to announce 12% reservation for Muslims to restore their past glory. He appealed to all the people to associate themselves with this movement.


Mr. Osman Shaheed lamented the  cold attitude of the Muslim leaders towards 12% movement. He said that they also kept quiet after Alair encounter. Mr. Fazil Husain Parveez told that under OBC quota, Muslims of Maharashtra State are getting benefits. He thanked Mr. Amer Ali Khan for launching this movement.



–Siasat News