Goa: Rs 2,000 fine for cooking, consuming alcohol in public places

Panaji: The Goa cabinet meeting, chaired by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, on Thursday made amendment in the Tourism Act following which consumption of alcohol and cooking in public places is prohibited, said state Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar.

“Today we have amended two laws in the Tourism Act. One is about the hotel booking after tourism registration. We have got few objections that some tours and travels agencies have done hotel bookings without registering themselves in Tourism Ministry. We can’t allow any illegal activities, they will be jailed,” Ajgaonkar told ANI.

“The second amendment is that no one can bring alcohol bottle in public place or on the beach. If anybody is found guilty, that person will have to pay the fine of Rs 2000 or serve up to three months in jail,” he added.

The Goa cabinet also made few decisions “towards creating strong infrastructural development, assuring in development to create a ‘new Goa’,” said state minister Vijay Sardesai.

“We have taken the decision to have major IT solutions for the power sector. We have also taken decisions to empower the local self-government bodies with an increase in wages which was promised in the past,” he said.