How to get rid of joint pain this winter

New Delhi: While some of us wait for the winter season to get relief from the summer heat, there are others who are wary of the unfriendly chilly season. The winter brings increasing episodes of joints pain and aches for them.

The drop in temperature during winters creates low atmospheric pressure and as per medical research, lower air pressure pushes less against our bodies.

This causes our muscle tissues to expand and possibly put pressure on our joints. Microscopic in nature, we can hardly notice this body change until we start getting sensations of joint irritation, stiffness and swelling, which can aggravate our nerves resulting in increased pain.

To avoid this, here are some easy-to-follow lifestyle tips by Huma Kausar, Physiotherapist, AktivHealth Centre.

Exercise therapy: Regular exercise can certainly combat stiffness, pain and improve general well being. Physical therapy or rehab can ease your muscle and joint pain. By regularly exercising as advised by your physical therapist, you can strengthen your muscles, which lets your body feel and move better. The right exercises and modalities help a lot in decreasing your joint pain and improve overall mobility.

Stay active and warm: In winters, the urge of lazing around becomes strong as cold weather brings immobility and pain in joints. But extended periods of inactivity can cause our tissues to exert more pressure on the joint. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the blood circulation healthy by staying active. Also, make sure you keep yourself adequately warm for good joint health in winter season.

Stretch regularly: Daily stretching helps maintain our mobility and keeps us agile. It should be done on regular basis to maintain good flexibility. The tightness in joints can occur due to inactive lifestyle, poor posture and less use of joints. Regular stretching as part of your exercise program can help to prevent injuries and manage a pain free life.

Drink plenty of water: A well hydrated body means flexible muscles and reduced chances of injury. Water is essential for your body as it is the fuel to maintain your vital functions and keep you hydrated. A good volume of water on daily basis is necessary for your joints to keep them lubricated and agile.

Eat healthy: Strong bones are crucial to good health and good nutrition provides strength to your bones. For that, your diet should include foods and supplements containing Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin K and Vitamin C, vitamin D or fish oil. Milk, yogurt, cheddar cheese, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, cantaloupe, eggs and oily fish- these foods are known for providing essential nutrients which have pain-soothing properties.

Consult a pain-management specialist: If your joints or muscle pain continues, then do not leave it unattended. When pain control seems beyond reach, it is time to see a doctor or an ortho-specialized therapist to get the right treatment and preventive exercise techniques. A pain management specialist is an expert in evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of all different types of pain.

So don’t cringe, say hello to a pain-free winter season! (ANI)