Gabrielle Union’s husband told her to move from IVF

Los Angeles: Actress Gabrielle Union admits it was husband Dwyane Wade who first told her to move on from IVF on Oprah Winfrey show introducing daughter Kavvia.

After a long journey, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have welcomed their daughter Kavvia into the world via surrogate, reports

And the glowing parents introduced their baby to Oprah Winfrey when they had the chat show icon over to their house for a new OWN special about their experience.

Gabrielle, 46, said that being so public about her fertility struggles was important to her because ‘People feel seen. They feel like they’re not alone.’

She explained that “so many people are suffering in silence and every time, when we’re candid and transparent about our journeys, no matter what those journeys are, you are allowing people to be seen and heard and empowered in ways that they’ve never been.”

Dwyane dished that during labor “We were there for 36 hours, just waiting in a room, waiting on her arrival” – and that they were involved throughout the pregnancy.

His wife said they were “trying to feel as a part of the birth process as possible, since it’s happening outside of both of us. But it’s been a long – a long journey.”