Foreign Delegates visit Cyberabad Police Commissionerate

46 Parliamentary Delegates from 24 foreign countries visited the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate today as part of their tour in the IT Corridor of the city.

The CP Cyberabad C.V.Anand welcomed them and spoke to them about the unique concept of Cyberabad Security Council and the good work it is doing in enhancing the Safety of IT women employees, Security of IT companies, Cyber Crime Control etc,. He outlined the measures taken by the Government in making Hyderabad- Cyberabad a Safe and Smart destination for foreign investments, introduction of CCTVs all over, Safety of women and other technological innovations in policing. Bharani, Secretary, SCSC, detailed the working of the SCSC to them and spoke of the IT industry’s interaction with the Govt. through the SCSC. Amarnath, IT Departments Coordinator, welcomed them. (NSS)