Food Krafters & Services LLP (FKS) acquires Hyderabad House Brand

Food Krafters & Services LLP (FKS) a company promoted by Mr Khalil Ahmed has acquired Hyderabad House (HH), the pioneering Brand which provided & popularized the iconic Hyderabadi Kacche Ghost ki Biryani & other Deccan delicacies, to the food connoisseurs through its multiple outlets across the world.

With an objective to add more vibrancy and visibility, FKS intends to rebrand Hyderabad House in an all new design, with a view of providing traditional culinary experience to its patrons in a semi QSR format. FKS will also bring on board a fresh team of expert Professional Chefs and Traditional Master Chefs with rich and varied experience to prepare and offer the best food experience to its customers.

FKS also plans to further strengthen Hyderabad House’s catering business by offering on-site services for weddings, corporate events, conferences and other private banquets, and offering more than 1000 new and expanded items on the menu in addition to the Distinctive “Mehmaan Nawaazi” service.

The company will open a flagship outlet in Hyderabad and plans to expand across the country investing 35 crores in next 2 years to set up 50 outlets through a combination of company owned and franchisee route. A central commissary will be set at each regional hub which will cater to the outlets in that territory. (NSS)