Fashion tricks that make you look thin

London: Fashion styling tricks come in handy when the fitness regime doesn’t go as planned.

Some really smart hacks can make you look and feel slimmer without being labour intensive or tricky.

Wearing right colour makes a lot of difference. Dark colours make your body look slimmer and more angular.

Wear clothes which have defined waistline. Dark denim with a cinched waist or a high waist skirt gives off an illusion of slimmer middle.

Bold patterns and asymmetric hems give off an illusion of chiselled body structure. Vertical lines are hailed for their slimming outlooks.

Belted-up coats and dresses give an appearance of a slim waistline and longer legs.

Highlighting your best bits is another key. Wearing V-necks to show off a great cleavage, wearing a tight skirt to highlight your shapely butts add a lot to the overall picture.

Wearing shrugs and open jackets to hide bulging fat on upper body can make any outfit look pleasing to the eye.

Wearing clothes that accentuate your legs and bums can take off a number of pounds virtually. For instance, bootleg jeans give off a sculpting appearance while flattening your tummy fat simultaneously.

Lastly, tailored clothes are the boon – wearing clothes that flatter your shape can take off the extra edge and give a very slimmed down look. (ANI)