Pehlu Khan’s wife won’t let children do dairy business, despite poverty

Jaipur: The family of Pehlu Khan is under severe financial condition. Zaibuna Khan, Pehlu Khan’s wife, has completed her Iddat period, but the grief of losing her husband can be seen in her eyes.

Dairy farmer’s widow says she is under acute financial crisis and fear but being the mother of eight, she has vowed not to allow her children to buy any more cattle, be it cow or buffalo, as per a report by Hindustan Times.

“We have two cows and their two calves at home. I told my children not to try to get any more cattle under any circumstances. They can’t continue their father’s business. If possible, we will even sell our animals,” said Zaibuna.

Several activists condemned the act of Rajasthan police as they closed the case against six accused who were named by Pehlu Khan in his dying statement. The police cited mobile phone records and the statement of staffs of a cow-shelter (which is run by one of the accused) to counter Khan and his son’s accusations.

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Ever since Pehlu Khan was lynched in Rajasthan’s Alwar on April 1, Zaibuna has hardly gone out of her home in Haryana. “I have not spoken to the police or any authorities. My world is destroyed. I now fear for the life of my children. My eldest son tells me that people are threatening him,” she weeps, while her youngest son sits on her lap.

In her village there are many Hindu families and “all of them support us,” she added. “We have no problem with our neighbours. They understand our pain,” Pehlu Khan’s wife said.

She does not understand much about legal procedures but has now realized that her son’s testimony will not bring justice. “They say, Irshad’s version will not help us. How can it be? He has seen his father being killed with his own eyes. He is not lying,” she said with tearful eyes.