Explore bits and Glory of Hong Kong like a local

New Delhi [India]: Hong Kong is extraordinary. The city has something for everyone. A bustling metropolis endowed with natural beauty, a city where rich Chinese tradition coexists with cutting edge global trends and a place where the ancient and modern live side by side.

Get acquainted with this extra ordinary city being a local rather than being a typical tourist. Throw away your luxurious desires, wallets and get on your foot to experience the best all that’s in Hong Kong

Here are five ways you can capture the beauty of Hong Kong like a local

-Catch the Skyline

Is there anything more iconic of Hong Kong than its stunning skyline? With its towering skyscrapers, low rise traditional buildings, futuristic light displays, this is the one feature of the city you just cannot ignore!

Strolling down the Kownloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, get a bird’s eye from the peak or grab a cocktail and admire the harbour front from any hotel. Whichever you choose, look up at exactly 8pm, when the ‘ Symphony of Lights’ light show takes over the skyscrapers. The outdoor show is best enjoyed a Star Ferry’s harbour tour, sailing through the harbour on a traditional ship with an open air viewing deck

-Island Hop

Get out of the city and visit one of the many outlying islands. Make Lantau Island your first stop. Climb the 268 steps and experience the Big Budhha which took 112 years to complete. Or escape to the traditional Tai O Fishing village.

Ever heard of vehicle free island? Well, here it is. Just hire a bicycle and zip around the traditional villages, rustic temples, and never ending beaches. Do not miss the alfresco seafood meal if you made it till here.

-Eat Local

Eat like a local and dish out on Hong Kong’s many native flavours. You can start your morning with dim sum, with options suited to every budget. For lunch, try a worker style experience at daipai dong (street side restaurant). Order a Hong Kong favourite, including congee, wonton noodles or roast meat with rice. Pair it all with milk tea or yuenyeung(coffee-tea mix), and end things with a delicious pineapple bun. If nothing, treat yourself with seafood. With hearty hot pots, snake soups and hairy crabs, the list is on.

-After Hours Shopping

If you’re a night owl, Hong Kong is your ideal escape- a city that never sleeps with dozens of things to do once sun sets down. And if you love shopping make sure you have extra luggage space. Antique aficionados will love Cat Street while retro addicts can geek out to ApiluStreet. The famous Ladies market is the place where you can hunt for fashion and souvenirs. But only few know that, right behind the Ladies market, there is a shopping lane for locals where you can have your bargain game on. Do not be surprised if you see any stores open as late as 2am!

-Experience Festivities

Spring, summer, autumn or winter – no matter which time of the year you’re visiting, you’re guaranteed to be enthralled by one of Hong Kong’s many vibrant festivities, ancient Chinese cultural celebrations, summer activities spread across the city, a winter wonderland of Christmas spirit followed by New Year’s fireworks. And in the midst of these there are many cultural festibals that you might not want to miss it. Update yourself with all the celebrations and happenings in the city and immerse yourself in one.

Walk around the beautiful city of Hong Kong and do not think twice before entering any lane or any street because you will never know what you will end up exploring for yourself. (ANI)