Families of Naushad & Mustaqeem starved, harassed, kept under house arrest

Aligarh: The families of Naushad and Mustaqeem who were killed in fake police encounter in Aligarh are reeling under acute poverty and starvation. They have been kept under house arrest and those who come to meet them are closely monitored. According to Inquilab, there is a nexus between police and anti-social elements and police is using anti-social elements for its defence.

The family has nothing to eat. Children are living in the state of fear. A girl who is mentally ill doesn’t even know what her family is going through. Two members of the family have been killed in the encounter, one is in jail and another has been kept in police custody for 20 days. One of the members of the family is missing.

Children are starving because the two bread earners of the family have been killed by the police. If the local people try to help them they are threatened by the police. Police are not allowing anyone to visit the family. The anti-social elements also tried to stop journalists from visiting the family. They were also chased by them. It is learnt that police in civil dress is closely monitoring the movements of the family and also those who come to visit them.