NRC draft: A humanitarian crisis of huge proportions looms over Assam

Guwahati: Over 4 million people have been left out of the NRC final draft! Most of them belong to socio-economically backward communities and live in rural areas. Many of them are women and children! 

Thousands of people have had their citizenship stripped on account of minor discrepancies in paperwork. Many such stateless people are languishing in detention centres pending deportation to Bangladesh, while some are on the run.

Fifty-five per cent of those excluded are women, many Bengali Hindus, One lakh from the Gorkha Tribe and a vast number are working class Muslims.

Now CJP, drawing from its previous experience in providing legal aid in Gujarat, will step in with a  multi-faceted team of lawyers and volunteers to ensure that these people receive a fair chance while filing claims across 15 of the worst affected districts.

Tragedies Unfold:

This story is a part of CJP’s series on people in Assam who have been declared foreigners after an allegedly flawed and arbitrary process of determining citizenship. 

Members of India’s fifth President FA Ahmed have been left out of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Now questions are being raised about the insensate practices followed by the NRC authorities during the update process that failed to consider natural calamities like floods that affect Legacy Documents of thousands. The unprofessional and tardy actions of the Election Commission of India (ECI) are also responsible for the labelling legitimate citizens as ‘D’ Voters and ‘DF’s (Declared Foreigners) in large numbers.

CJP’s team kick-started a public campaign to provide relief and assistance amidst this brewing humanitarian crisis. Our team of Volunteer Motivators (VMs) have been organising people, creating awareness about the NRC Claims and Objections process and correct documentation for filing claims. After the Supreme Court’s directive to resume the Claims and Objections process from September 25, 2018, we have doubled our efforts. Here are some pictures.

Help CJP’s Efforts in Assam: 

CJP had risen to the occasion in 2002 and will do so again ensuring Volunteer Motivators and a State Helpline Centre with a Toll-Free Number to Ensure that no legitimate person is denied citizenship in Assam.

 Your contribution can help cover the costs of a legal team, travel, documentation and technological expenses. Donate Now!

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