Fact Check: Did Rahul Gandhi eat beef at £1500 Breakfast in Dubai?

Congress President Rahul Gandhi had concluded his two-day maiden visit to the United Arab Emirates, as a part of his global outreach programme ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

During his two day visit, he held talks with UAE Ministers and also addressed the larger Indian expat community including students. He received an enthusiastic response and held meetings with several groups.

He also had breakfast at Dubai businessman’s home seated with businessman Sunny Varkey and Congress advisor Sam Pitroda at a table with a lavish spread of food.

After the pictures of Rahul Gandhi’s breakfast were released in the public domain, the pictures went viral with a misleading claim that he had beef during the said meal.

One of the Twitter user named Rishi Bagree, with 99,000 followers including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the top functionaries of the ruling party shared the pictures claiming Mr Gandhi had breakfast at a banquet hall.

Another user named Shash in his tweet highlighted a piece of meat from Gandhi’s breakfast and claimed that it was beef, his tweet was retweeted over a thousand times and went viral on the internet.

Later BoomLive contacted a Congress spokesperson who said that “No beef was served at the breakfast meeting. The meat circled in the first photo is, in fact, turkey,” adding that Gandhi only had orange juice and scrambled eggs.