Battle for Powers: Payback for Bofors, Rahul committed to overthrow Modi

New Delhi: The battle for power between NDA party led by Narendra Modi and UPA party led by Rahul Gandhi is slowly turning interesting as the uncrowned reigning king of Indian politics is speculated to soon taste defeat and probably might as well be overthrown by Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

Modi’s constant bitter below-the-belt personal attacks have helped Rahul to fight his own battles and emerge out as one of the most effective opponents to him waiting to win the nation back.

Gandhi, 48, is now seen as Modi’s primary and most effective opponent.
According to data Modi has gigantic 45 million followers on Twitter against Gandhi’s 8.2 million followers.

But a study by the University of Michigan revealed Gandhi’s retweets were higher than Modi between January and April 2018, Gulfnews reports.

The Rafael Deal also turns out to be a corruption milestone around Modi’s neck with PM becoming a “hostage to Rafale”.

“He has sacked the CBI chief twice. He’s terrified to let him remain in office for 15 minutes,” Gandhi said in a recent press conference in Dubai.
Rahul’s crude but effective slogan “chowkidar chor hai” (the guard is the thief) has also turned out to be one of the most changed one in his public meetings.

The Modi-Gandhi duel is personal, yes and Gandhi makes no personal attacks on any other leader of BJP except Amit Shah and Modi.

Even sources close to Gandhi say he is committed to removing Modi from office, he is willing to make any political sacrifice.

In his recent press conference in Dubai, he told journalists that India also intolerance, but the ruling party is being aggressive, intolerant and destroying institutions.

“This is a temporary blip, which we will take care of after the 2019 elections,” Gandhi declared.

Despite all the slow below the belt personal attacks, Gandhi indeed crawled as a challenger.

He is also now setting fashion trends.

Perhaps the Rafale was just payback for Bofors where Gandhi’s father, Rajiv, was mercilessly attacked for allegedly taking kickbacks in a defence deal.