Dubai ruler will literally leave his fingerprint on city?

DUBAI: 550-metre Burj Jumeira is a new super-tall tower that will be built in the Al Sufouh neighbourhood of Dubai.

Dubbed “Downtown Jumeria” (not to be confused with Downtown Dubai), the design of Burj Jumeira is said to be inspired by the harmonious ripples of desert sand dunes and oases, according to Dubai Holding.

Perhaps, the most distinctive feature of this high-rise tower — taller than One World Trade Center in New York is that the base of the building will be bearing the outline of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid‘s thumbprint.

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The 550-metre tower itself is a eye of the needle concept is oval-shaped on its front, and sleek and cut in two halves.

The needle tower have some of its features sound similar to the Burj Khalifa. The tower’s façade will also be covered in a digital display capable of lighting up the tower.

If things fall in the right place, the first phase of the development will be completed by the end of 2023.