Dr. Zakir Naik denied permission for his program in Karnataka

Mangalore: Mangalore City Police denied permission to Dr. Zakir Naik for holding meeting in the city. He is a renowned preacher of Islam and a great Muslim Scholar. Police denied permission to him on account of the protest by Bajrang Dal.

According to the news reported in Ummid, the prohibitory orders will be effective for seven days from 31st December to 6th January 2016. This was notified by S. Murugan, City Police Commissioner of Mangalore. In the same manner the entry of Pravin Togadia has also been banned in the city.


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Salafi outfits of South Karnataka had invited Dr. Zakir Naik for the meeting. The meeting was scheduled to be held on 3rd January 2016. After the meeting of Dr. Naik was announced, Bajrang Dal and other Hindutva outfits in Karnataka condemned the Congress led government of Karnataka for granting permission to Dr. Zakir Naik while imposing a ban on VHP leader Pravin Togadia.

South Zone Coordinator of Bajrang Dal, Sharan Pumpwell accused the government of Karnataka for favouring the Muslims and discriminating against the Hindus.