Video Studio burned after owner made a shocking remark on “Hijab”

Kannur: After making a shocking remark on Hijab by a studio owner, his Video Production Studio was burned. He made a remark on the use of Hijab by Muslim females.

According to the news published in Indian Express, a Muslim man, P Rafeeque, who owned the video production studio Obcura in Taliparamba of Kannur district, was also the admin of a WhatsApp group – ‘What is Islam’. Rafeeque, a few days ago made a comment on the use of Hijab by Muslim women.


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Rafeeque had allegedly said that Hijab is used to engaging in immoral activities. After making the comment, group received several threatening comments and finally his studio was set afire in the wee hours of Saturday.

Rafeeque in his complaint to police said that he had incurred a loss of Rs. 10 lakh. Meanwhile, police said that extremists are suspected to be behind the act.