Don’t be `just` a traveller, be a `responsible` one!

New Delhi [India]: There would be hardly any person in this world who doesn’t love travelling.

Even before the ‘hangover’ of one trip ends, most of us already start dreaming about ticking off the next destination from our travel bucket list.

But, do we ever think twice about the impact of our holidays?

While on roads or when overseas, understanding your affect on the places you visit and trying to make that affect a positive one is extremely important.

Dr Sherry Sebastian, Director IBNII Resort and Spa, Coorg, whose commitment to sustainable practices and responsible living is a deeply entrenched one, talks about simple ways with which one can become a responsible tourist.


“We must do everything possible to conserve this precious resource. In an effort to encourage water saving, we, at IBNII, have reduced the water pressure in the taps. Guests are also advised to do their best to save water. For instance, while brushing teeth, we must close the tap. Also, judicious use of shower while bathing is very important. Showering is basically wastage of clean water,” Sherry told ANI.

Adding, “At a restaurant, ask for water when you need it. Don’t let the waiter fill the entire glass when you’re not even thirsty. The F&B service boys are taught to fill the glass, the moment its empty. At IBNII, I keep telling them, ‘Ask’. Ask the guest if he/she needs water. If they say yes, pour halfway and ask again if you want some more.”


“What we generally tell our guests, when they come in, is to reduce the usage of amenities in the hotel. For instance, mostly after one use, we throw the soap in the bin. Same is with the comb. It certainly is not going to be used again. So it’s better that the guests bring their own combs. Else, if they don’t have, it’s better that they carry the hotel ones with them because it’s only going to add to the waste. The whole idea, therefore, is to bring down the waste. Paper and plastic should be used very responsibly.”


“At home, we generally give our towel for washing after using it for three-four days. So, in a hotel, we should try and not get it changed all the time. Same thing with the linen on the bed. It’s not just the water consumption but a lot of power too. I would say its energy abuse!”


“A responsible traveller would be one that also participates in waste segregation, even in the hotel room. Many properties have different bins for dry waste and wet waste. Fruit peels, tea bags etc, for instance go in the wet waste.”


“Being aware of food wastage is also of utmost importance. It is a global issue with rippling environmental effects. We should not pile our plates while eating from the buffet. A research shows that a lot of guests only eat half of the food laid out! It might go into vermicompost but we should take note that there are so many people who don’t get to eat,” Sherry concluded.

Therefore, respecting nature and the host should be one’s ultimate motto while travelling! (ANI)